Conversion is a Wicked Game

by Stephen Da Cambra

One of the most appealing truths of Conversion Rate Optimization is that it’s a game without end. Regardless of how well your ecommerce platform converts, you can always do better. Even if you reached that mythical place of 100% conversions, you can start driving more traffic and creating more web properties to continue to improve your returns.

Why is that so appealing? It means that once you get into the game, you will be focused on constantly improving the most critical point of your sales cycle.

But don’t start planning a trip to the bank just yet. The idea that it is a constant pursuit is the easiest part of CRO to understand.

Conversion is a complex balancing act that includes technical platforms, web design, value propositions and marketing. But the biggest and most important CRO variable is a human one, your target consumers, and they are the final judges of your CRO.

Consumer fickleness is well known, and on the web, your potential customers can act on fickle whims far easier than at any other point-of-purchase, even when they are about to checkout.

So overcoming consumer skittishness is at the very core of CRO. For that reason, you’ll find no shortage of advice on doing so on the web. And no end to misguided information.

Briefly, the three main areas of consumer behaviour you must consider in your CRO programme, and the ones for which you will find the most mis-information online, are:

  • Personality – A quick web search will uncover lots of information about how the four main personality types: Analytical/logical, results driven, sensitive/emotional or enthusiastic/impulsive. The conventional wisdom is, if you cover those four bases, you’ve got game.In fact, we are all unique combinations of the four main personality types and, if you really get into it, we are actually combinations of the combinations. Game on again.
  • Buying Cycle – If your overall CRO is focused only on those people who are ready to buy, you will miss the majority of shoppers who still shopping. Your CRO must include people at various stages of the sales funnel, including those who are developing awareness about you and your products, comparing product features and making buying decisions
  • Trust & Credibility – Regardless of their personality type regardless of where they are in the buying cycle, regardless of what you sell, consumers will buy more if they trust your company, your offering and are confident that both are their best option.

Why is CRO a wicked game? Not playing any one part of it properly can mean you have little chance of winning.


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